Addison Ambassadors Organize “Overkill Underground” Party to Showcase New Artwork

A rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” blasted through the hallways as students entered the Addison Gallery of American Art. In a separate room, a live student band, consisting of Louis Aaron ’18, Nicholas “Pickle” Emerson ’20, Jacob Jusuf ’17, Jacob Peffer ’17, performed, while people munched on a colorful assortment of cookies and cakes and took photos at the photo booth. Upstairs, attendees examined curtains made of colorful cloth hanging in the exhibition “Throwing Up Bunnies: The Irreverent Interlopings of Triple Candie, 2001-2016.”

The Addison held an “Overkill Underground” party to showcase new art collections to the Andover community last Friday. Organized by the Addison Ambassadors, a select group of students bringing awareness to the Addison and its exhibits through events, the event displayed Edward E. Elson Artists-in-Residence Triple Candie’s exhibit “Throwing Up Bunnies: The Irreverent Interlopings of Triple Candie, 2001-2016.” and the “Manzanar: Photographs by Ansel Adams” exhibit, as well as provided refreshments and activities throughout the evening.

“We want to bring more people to the Addison. We want to showcase the art. Other than Wednesday nights, we don’t really have time to look at the exhibits, and recently we put up some new exhibits in the upper galleries. Triple Candie has their new exhibition up there, and we wanted to give students the opportunity to come experience it… just have a chance to interact in their everyday lives,” said Daniel Ulanovsky ’18, an Addison Ambassador.

Based on the chosen theme, “Overground Underkill,” the Addison Ambassadors tailored the party’s food and activities accordingly.

“We have the colorful food that’s half black-and-white and half colorful so people can connect the food to the art. We have virtual reality, which connects to ‘overkill’ because it’s a virtual reality headset [used] to explore different museums. We also have a black-and-white photoshoot downstairs, so we’re trying to connect and have things that interest students that bring them and connect to the art in that way,” said Sophie Hoang ’18, an Addison Ambassador.

Students were also given the opportunity to use virtual reality headsets and explore different virtual art museums.

“The VR is a really spectacular experience because you are now experiencing a very new modern art form. In that way, you’re participating in art, which is the best way to do it. And as someone who draws, it’s nice to experience different art forms as well,” said Anna Naiyapatana ’17, an attendee of the event.

The Ambassadors curated the party to be located on two floors of the Addison, which provided a variant grouping of artwork for viewers.

“I like the contrast between the first floor of the Addison and the second, as [the first floor] was far more obscure and abstract in comparison. Downstairs presents a more traditional form of art rather than a less traditional form of art, which is what [Triple Candie’s exhibition] is,” said Jasmine Harris ’20, an attendee of the event.