Boys Swimming

David Fox Coaches Feature

Since Head Coach David Fox joined the coaching staff of Andover Boys Varsity Swim in 2005, his team has acquired a 74-2-1 dual-meet record, six New England Championships, three second-place finishes at the New England Championships, and two fourth-place finishes at the Eastern Championships. Fox has also guided 13 individual swimmers to 34 distinct All-American performances.

Fox’s passion for the sport was instilled in him from a very young age. As a kid, Fox was a nationally ranked swimmer in his age-group, a state-record holder, and qualified for the NCAA Division III Championships. Fox went on to swim at Bates College, where he held school records in nine of the 18 individual swimming events.

Prior to his time at Andover, Fox coached at the Trojan Aquatic Club and worked with 21 Junior National qualifiers, one Junior National Champion, six Senior National qualifiers and one Olympic Trials qualifier.

Fox has utilized his skill and knowledge of the sport to lead the team to an impeccable 6-1 record thus far in the season.

In an email to The Phillipian, Fox wrote, “This form of success emerges, I think, from my lack of emphasis on winning. Instead, I emphasize what is in our control (to a great extent, how fast we swim) and de-emphasize what is not (how others perform). There are a lot of strong swimmers in New England, but from my point of view, focusing on winning within New England is so provincial that it actually sets expectations of what we can do far too low.”

Fox displays this principle of self-based competition by pushing the Andover team to be the best it can be. Despite what Fox describes as limited training periods and facilities, the team is able to succeed behind Fox’s guidance.

Jacob Hudgins ’19 said, “His practices push us to our limits, and his tips on technique and perseverance help us race to our fullest.”

Fox not only enforces an intense work schedule in terms of the physical athleticism of his athletes, but he also stresses the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Co-Captain Christian Alberga ’17 said, “Coach Fox knows that swimming is a team sport more than any other and he went a step further and created a family. He has instilled values of respect, cutesy, and diligence in us not to just make us better athletes, but also better students, leaders and citizens.”

Fox focuses on the development of each individual swimmer during practices and meets, helping his team reach its highest potential.

Rick Ono ’19 said, “During meets, he knows how to motivate us even when we are down, and after his speeches there is a noticeable change in the atmosphere. I admire Coach Fox not only for his knowledge about the sport, but the clear passion he has in coaching and making each individual on the team reach their potential.”

Alberga said, “Mr. Fox has the unique ability of being comforting and energizing, analytical and humorous, happy and seemingly unimpressed in the span of a one minute post race conversation. I believe the true defining trait of Mr. Fox is his humility.”

As the season approaches its end, Fox looks to lead his team to success in its two biggest meets: the New England Championships and the Eastern Championships.

Fox said, “We have lots of ambitious goals, for both our individual and relay events, and we will do what we can to make sure we are best positioned to achieve them.”