Boys Swimming

Athlete of the Week: Arnold Su ’20

A newcomer to Andover Boys Swimming, Arnold Su ’20 has already proven to be a valuable asset to the team, dominating the 100-Yard Breaststroke, and contributing to the team’s 6-1 record.

Su has had significant success even early on in the season, setting Andover’s 9th grade record in the 100-Yard Breaststroke with a time of 58.64 seconds during a meet against Suffield Academy and Peddie.

“He really helps us score points. On relays, he’s a big contributor. He wins his individual events, which also helps our team score points, and in practice, he goes fast, which pushes us to train hard. Everything he does just makes everyone on our team want to swim faster. He’s a great piece to our team,” said Jack Warden ’19.

Captain Christian Alberga ’17 said, “He’s very humble, which is very good as an athlete and as a person, and I think, apart from scoring points and breaking records, one of his biggest contributions to the team is his humility. He’s really good — even just as a freshman, he’s having such a great impact on the team.”

On Friday, Su won the 100-Yard Freestyle with a time of 48.39 and on Saturday, he won the 100-Yard Breaststroke with a time of 59.63.

Su’s passion for the sport and immediate contributions to the team as a newcomer have earned him the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

When and how did you start swimming?

I started swimming when I was nine and a half. I started swimming because I didn’t do any sports, and I needed to lose weight.

What’s so special about swimming at Andover?

Swimming at Andover’s really cool because it’s like having a second family. It’s a really close team, it’s a really nice group of people. It’s very fun, and also, we’re pretty good, so swimming at Andover is pretty nice.

What advantages allow you to have an edge over your opponents when you race?

I’m very sneaky. They don’t suspect me because I’m a freshman, and then I just come out of nowhere, and that catches them by surprise. And I don’t look that intimidating, so that also catches them by surprise. I’ve got that surprise edge against them.

How do you get ready for an important race?

I drink a lot of chocolate milk and eat a lot of food. I sleep a lot, I eat a lot, and I think a lot about the swimming.

How do you feel you best impact the team?

I think I best impact the team by helping score points and trying my best not to be disruptive of the team vibe.

How would you say your teammates have supported you?

They cheered for me, and that was really cool. They’re very supportive. We cheer each other on.

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment as a swimmer?

Breaking the Junior record was pretty cool. I’m working to get some bigger cuts within the USA Swimming program. I haven’t really done anything big yet. I’m trying to get cuts for a meet called Junior Nationals, which is a meet for the entire nation, pretty much, if you hit the time. But that’s really hard. That’s a long-term goal, in like four years.

What’s your dream as a swimmer?

To be really good at swimming, so I can get recruited to a good college and compete in college one day.

What things are you looking to improve to help make those dreams a reality?

Keep swimming hard, do the best I can, and put the most effort I can into the little time we get to swim here, because we only get a season in contrary to the year-long period that most people do.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside the pool?

I tend to sleep a lot. Actually, I like to play video games a lot. Yeah, pretty much — eat, sleep, and video games.