Letter from the Editors

Thirty weeks have come and gone. We, the 139th board of The Phillipian, are preparing to send our last paper to print after a year of growing up together, working late into the night on a timeless tradition, and challenging each other to extend in new and unexplored directions.

In the last year, we made the Newsroom our workplace, our sanctuary, and our home. In this dusty, windowless room, we engaged each other in almost every imaginable way. We argued, we apologized, we laughed, and, sometimes, we edited. Most importantly, we loved. In one another, we saw what was possible and fell for the beauty of our differences. Together, we became more compassionate, dedicated, and curious versions of ourselves.

Late at night, and sometimes very early in the morning, we devoted ourselves wholeheartedly to The Phillipian and the people who created it, and we stretched through our commitment in ways we never thought possible. We became part of The Phillipian. The paper was not just our way of life, but our passion, our pride, and our spirit. It gave each of us a space in which to grow up and to grow into ourselves.

As we prepare to leave the Newsroom for a final time, to remove the weight from the door and shut off the lights, we would like to extend our thanks to all members of the Andover community, on campus and beyond, who have offered their support and their criticism.

To Neil, Ada, and Tracy: Thank you for your guidance inside and outside the Newsroom. Thank you for your invaluable advice, constant encouragement, and delicious snacks, but most of all, for believing in us. We will miss you dearly.

To CXL: Own the night, and don’t worry. We have the utmost faith in all of you. We are sad to leave you just as your time with The Phillipian truly begins, but we cannot wait to see what you will do in the year ahead. Lose yourselves in this experience and you will be surprised by what you discover.

The paper in your hands is the 5,252nd issue of The Phillipian, and now we fade into the history of this venerable institution. It has been our honor.

This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian, vol. CXXXIX.