Pencil Us In

A later start to the school day. All-school lunches, everyday. Four classes a term. Sports seasons split between terms. Longer classes. Finals four times a year.

These are some of the realities of the “four-term-by-five-class” (4×5) schedule set to be introduced next year. While the Class of 2017 will not be here for the schedule’s implementation, every other community member will be greatly affected by the new schedule, which will present a drastic departure from the current way of life. Despite this, most students know little to no information about the format of the new schedule.

The Phillipian has created a list of fact versus fiction information about the new schedule, which can be found on A6. It should not be our responsibility, however, to educate our peers on this matter; the onus lies on the Scheduling Committee to communicate the details of the schedule with students.

While we realize that the Scheduling Committee has repeatedly tried to engage students in discussions of the new schedule, access to details should not be dependent on a student’s commitment or ability to attend forums after school.

As the Scheduling Committee moves into the next stages of the new schedule creation and implementation, it is absolutely imperative that information about the schedule be made easily available to all community members. Posting the schedule online would enable all students and faculty to find concrete answers to their questions, rather than leaving them dependent on rumors and sporadically-hosted information sessions. The Committee must reach out to students more directly to dispel rumors and provide basic facts about the proposal.

This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian, vol. CXXXIX.