Video-Chatting App Sweeps Campus

Andover’s campus has been dominated by the new social media app Houseparty, which allows users to join “parties” and video chat multiple people at the same time. Students of all classes have joined the app’s fanbase, which has exploded in popularity just this week.

Sarah Choi ’18, who admits to using Houseparty nearly every day, said, “I downloaded it about two months ago, around the first few weeks of school. I downloaded because my friend told me to, and it seemed fine. My brother also had it and he’s in Singapore, so that’s how I talked to him. Suddenly, this week, everyone started downloading it, and it got really crazy.”

Sahil Tekchandani ’19 said, “My friend showed me it two or three weeks ago, and then I got it. It was just a couple people who started using it and then everyone got onto it slowly, and now a ton of people have it.”

Some students have praised Houseparty’s ability to open new lines of conversation between grades and genders, which allows students to get to know peers they may have never spoken with.

“Houseparty is the most interactive and stimulating social media I’ve ever used,” said Edward Elson ’17. “I’ve been able to talk to people I thought I’d never talk to, and it’s been very cool to get to know students from every grade. I like the lock feature on Houseparty, which allows you to lock a chat and have a more secret, exclusive chat.”

Jackson Davenport ’17 said, “I use it so I can interact with humans who normally I would never talk to and who would be weirded out if I tried to in person. But with this app they can’t avoid me, and it isn’t considered rude to butt in on any conversation I want.”

Morgan Rooney ’17 enjoys the entertainment factor the app provides but believes that the fad will not last for very long at Andover.

“I like using Houseparty because it helps me connect with peers who I am sometimes unable to connect with on campus, whether it’s because we don’t have classes together or whatever. It really adds some fun to a tough Senior year,” said Rooney in an interview with The Phillipian over Houseparty.

“I’d recommend it to friends at least for the next week, and then it will simmer down. Add me on Houseparty – I’m a partier,” she continued.