The Triumph in Trump

No matter how many Trump supporters attack Hillary Clinton and call her a criminal, the liberal media counteracts by portraying Clinton as a dedicated public servant and placing less importance on her supposed scandals. In turn, in these left-wing and liberal news sources – such as MSNBC, NowThis, Huffington Post, and other media sources that favor more democratic ideas – Donald Trump is depicted as nothing beyond an uncouth, New York billionaire.

By promoting its own narrative, the left-wing media has stopped providing the truth and disseminating objective information. It is now more difficult than ever to find legitimate news sources and to be informed of unbiased truth. Trump’s true story and character are vastly skewed and misrepresented.

Trump began his career as an ambitious businessman, helping his father grow The Trump Organization into the highly successful business it is today. But, from what I’ve seen, no liberal news network will tell you about his various successes. Instead, they cite bankruptcies and failed projects without relaying the substantial successes of The Trump Organization.

Moreover, Trump is often labeled a “bigot,” “racist,” and “sexist” in the liberal media. When closely looking at Trump’s record, a different story surfaces. Many media sources will tell you that Trump was sued for discrimination charges in his apartments. But, people often the overlook that Donald Trump also helped fund the Congressional Black Caucus. In 1999, he spoke at a project conference about how proud he was to have employed more minorities. 

The liberal media will not tell you that Trump sued the city of Palm Beach for reproaching his club for being open to Jews and African-Americans. It will not tell you that the Clintons paid 20,000 dollars to join a “whites-only” country club. It will tell you that Trump was endorsed by a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) member, but will never say that Hillary Clinton once called Robert Byrd, a KKK recruiter, her “mentor.”

Some argue that Trump is sexist. Former Trump Organization employee Barbara Res now agrees with this sentiment – but in one of her past memoirs, she said that, “He was the least sexist boss I’ve ever had.” Barbara Res was the first woman in America to oversee the construction of a skyscraper – and she was hired by Donald Trump. Of course, no major left-wing news network or newspaper will mention this.

The media publicizes claims of sexual misconduct made by Jill Harth, even though Harth has said that she and Trump were “on good, friendly terms.” She even attended one of his campaign rallies. Liberal news outlets bring up Trump’s misconduct allegations of Miss Universe participants without mentioning Stacey Santley or Natasha Rickley, both former Miss Nebraska Teens, who have defended Trump and called him “a gentleman.”

Trump’s former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane, who claims that “The New York Times” misrepresented her story in an article, said: “[Trump] never offended me in any way – He was very kind, thoughtful, generous.” Lane’s comments were not reported thoroughly by the media. Donald Trump is not sexist and to say so is both an exaggeration and is simply incorrect. But because of the many liberal media-driven allegations and characterizations of Trump, this false belief has been perpetuated among many Americans.

Even with Trump’s most recent scandal, in which he degrades women and speaks casually about sexually assaulting them in a leaked video, the liberal media skews the story. Trump is repeatedly called sexist because he dismissed his comments as “locker room talk.” His public apology, however, is often neglected. In fact, many Americans most likely have not even seen or read his official apology, because, once again, it has not been adequately broadcasted by the media.

I do not claim to know the character of Hillary Clinton, nor do I believe that she is evil or racist. But I do believe that there should be a fairer media, and that the liberal media should relay both sides of each candidate. One may condemn Trump as an uncouth, sexist bigot, but as Jesse Jackson said in 1999, “He’s a serious person who is an effective builder of people… his success is beyond argument.”

Whether you’re “With Her,” want to “Make America Great Again,” or you cannot wait to catch the next flight to Canada, we must hold the liberal media accountable for distorted information, as it misrepresents the facts time and time again.