The Eighth Page

Features — Phillipian Satire: Friday the 14th, thank god it isn’t friday the 13th right?

Dear Readers,

In 1968, 3M Laboratories tasked Dr. Spencer Silver with creating the most powerful glue the world had ever seen. Unlike most glue manufacturers, the doctor created a substance out of durable acrylic orbs about one hundred times larger than the microcapsules on typical adhesives.

Brittle and weak, the new glue failed miserably.

This week, Features made a mistake too. We thought today was Friday the 13th, and we themed our issue accordingly. Of course, by now you know that it is actually Friday the 14th.


Go ahead, laugh at us. But do you want to know something? A couple days after the worst humiliation of his life, Dr. Spencer realized what he had created wasn’t a mistake at all. His invention became 3M’s most lucrative product of all time. Today, Spencer’s glue is found in every supply store and every school in America. It’s listed as the most popular item on 3M Laboratories’ website. You, reading this now, probably own some of it yourself.

Out of failure, out of a simple mistake, Spencer had invented the Post-It Note.

Have a lovely Friday the 14th.


The Features Dynasty