Boys Water Polo Captain Feature

Captain Feature: Jonathan Xue ’17, Boys Water Polo

Co-Captain Jonathan Xue ’17, a four-year Senior from Andover, Mass., has contributed to the success of Andover Boys Water Polo since joining the team his Junior year. With four years of experience on the team, Xue has solidified himself as a strong leader and scoring threat in the pool as the starting center for Andover.

Jacob Hudgins ’19 said, “Jonathan is great at hole set, the guy front and center from the goal because of his size and strength. He’s amazing at getting position on a player and holding it so that our team can feed him the ball to score a quick goal.”

“His position is very important because we funnel our offense through him. His job is to be a primary scorer for the team. Because of his size and strength, Xue is easily able to shake off defenders and attack the goal,” said Goalie Ryan Sedagat ’19.

Xue’s passion for the sport stems from his experience as a competitive swimmer for nine years. With years of competition and training in the pool, Xue is a vocal and intimidating player in the game. His awareness and physique make him the focal point of many of the team’s plays.

Thomas Glover ’18 said, “What makes him good is that he’s just really strong and has really strong legs, [which he uses to] push his opponents away.”

“He’s got a great backhand when he plays hole set. It’s amazing to just feed him the ball from the perimeter and watch him rip it into the goal,” said Co-Captain Daniel Tran ’17.

Xue is not only respected by his teammates for his skill as a water polo player, but also for his friendly and inclusive attitude.

Nick Isenhower ’18 said, “Xue’s both a great captain and friend. He knows Andover and the team very well and does a great job of bringing us together. We’re one of the most cohesive teams on campus because of his leadership.”

Hudgins said, “Jonathan makes a great leader because he strives for inclusion of all members of our team. He helps everyone realize that they make a difference, whether it’s in practice or in a game.”

“He’s a great guy, but when it comes to water polo he’s all business. Jonathan will do whatever it takes for us to win a game and that’s what makes him such a great captain,” continued Hudgins.

Holding a record of 4-4, Andover will have to work hard to progress to the postseason. With Xue as a leader, the team has high hopes for a playoff appearance.

Xue said, “This season Dan [and I] are aiming to make the playoffs to end our Senior campaigns on a high note.”