Students React to First Dance

The bass of the music could be heard across campus this past Saturday as hordes of students streamed into the Borden Gym for this year’s first all-school dance, which was hosted by the Student Activities Office. The dance took place the Saturday night of Latin Arts Weekend. This year marked a deviation from the previous tradition of holding two separate first dances: one for incoming Juniors and another for the rest of the student body. The Phillipian conducted a series of interviews with new students to hear their opinions of the dance.


Chloe Brown ’19


“The dance was pretty fun. I wasn’t there the whole time but the music was pretty decent. It was better than the Den dance, that’s for sure. However, I wished the school had more themed dances, like I know other boarding schools have more of those, so it would be really fun to have an established theme. The gym was pretty packed, but the vibe kind of went on and off because at first no one was there, but as the upperclassmen started getting there it was a lot more fun.”


Russell Lee ’20


“I feel like there should be two separate dances and there should be a certain type of music played at both. I feel like they didn’t cater to a diverse group of students, they only played a certain type of music, and I feel like they should mix it up more. It’s an all-school dance. I know that the whole school didn’t come but it was still pretty cramped.”


Gabija Saginaite ’18


“I stayed for 20 minutes because it was fun, but not that fun because of the music… Of course, [the mood of the dance] depends on if people around you are having fun, then you can join in. When it is more of the music you can actually dance to, it is easier for everyone to have fun [and] for everyone to join.”


Stanley Wojtas ’17


“The dance was good – it was better than the Den dances because there were a lot more people there – a lot more of the Seniors. And I think the DJs were better and so was the music. The whole atmosphere was a lot more [exciting]. Compared to the Den, the gym is much more ventilated so it’s not as hot, and you can fit a lot more people there.”


Photos by Ale Macaya and Suning Wang