PAshion Magazine to Express Fashion Enthusiasm

Modeling their unique styles, Emelie Eldracher ’18, Nell Fitts ’18, and Claire Jungmann ’18 arrive at school every morning from their homes around Andover. Jungmann adorns minimalistic clothing with vintage patterns and colors. Fitts shows off her “granny chic” style through thrift store finds and old hip-hop inspired accessories. Eldracher complements her classic yet edgy style with her signature winged eyeliner and heels.

The trio’s distinct fashion taste brought them together, inspiring them to found PAshion, currently Andover’s only fashion magazine. Driven by their own passion, Eldracher, Fitts, and Jungmann aim to create an outlet for students to express their enthusiasm for fashion.

“I wanted to be able to have a place where students could design fashion and feature it and support boutiques and stores from downtown by featuring their clothing in our issues. We are hoping in the future to match fashion designs by students with actual clothing. We were then able to come together to broaden the magazine to something that included articles and more. I can’t wait to hear all the ideas and see all the fashion innovation that will come out of PAshion,” said Eldracher in an email to The Phillipian.

“Rookie,” an online magazine started by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, was an inspiration for Eldracher, Jungmann, and Fitts when they were creating PAshion. They’re influenced by a variety of magazines as they plan their first issue.

“We are drawing inspiration from ‘Rookie Magazine.’ We like their style and it was put together by young people. But also, [we are inspired by] just your regular fashion magazine. Personally, my favorite fashion magazine is ‘T: The New York Times Style Magazine.’ It doesn’t come out with such great regularity but I think it is a cool format and their articles are pretty interesting. It is like different takes on fashion,” said Fitts.

Unlike typical fashion magazines, the trio plans to feature articles that explore the economic and controversial sides of fashion, as well as tailor PAshion’s content to all students on campus. Eldracher, Fitts, and Jungmann plan to print a physical issue of their magazine every term and publish articles on their website every few weeks.

“I think everyone does think about fashion in the morning as they are putting on their clothes. They think about their own style,” said Fitts. “So, [PAshion is] just this place to think about what we put on our bodies can be relevant to everyone.”

Looking forward, Eldracher is excited to work alongside her co-founders, Jungmann and Fitts.

“I think that our fashion styles are very different from one another so we will each be able to bring a very unique sense to the magazine. [Jungmann] and [Fitts’] fashion innovation is incredible so I just can’t wait to be able to launch this with them. With all of our different experiences with sewing, designing, writing, and creating, I cannot wait to see what everyone in PAshion will do,” said Eldracher.

To learn more about PAshion, visit them at their website: