Laundry Prices Rise with Replacement of Machines

After 13 years of use, old washing machines and dryers were replaced with newer models in laundry rooms across campus in August. Installed by Office of Physical Plant (O.P.P.) plumbers, the new Quantum Speed Queen laundry machines offer students a wider variety of wash cycles and heat selections than their older counterparts.

One of the biggest changes resulting from the new machines was the introduction of laundry cards, which students can use to pay for their laundry after depositing money onto the reloadable card. Using the new machines costs slightly more money than the previous models; a spin in the washer and the dryer costs 3.75 dollars altogether, unlike the previous machines that cost 2.50 dollars. The cards are priced at 5.00 dollars, which does not count towards money that can be used for the laundry machines.

Dea Barreto Lagesse ’18 said, “Although the prices have gone up to use the washing machines, I do feel that the card is more effective than trying to get quarters at Bank of America or the Den.”

“I prefer the card, definitely, but it might be a bit of a hassle to go all the way to student activities just to refill the card. Sometimes you can’t find enough quarters, but you can always just find the card. In my opinion, it’s better,” said Jihoun Im ’17.

The outgoing laundry machines were approaching the end of their lifecycle, and required frequent service and maintenance by O.P.P. The new washers are also equipped with more durable stainless steel washtubs, which won’t rust or chip.

“The washing machines are more effective, and they take a lot less time than the old ones. Before, with the old machines in my dorm, Hearsey House…  it was time consuming, especially when you had to switch clothes from the two. Overall, it took about an hour and 45 minutes, and now it only takes about 40 minutes,” said Barreto Lagesse.