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Girls Lacrosse Captain Feature: Kelly McCarthy ’16

A three-year member of Andover Girls Lacrosse from Lynnfield, Mass., Co-Captain Kelly McCarthy ’16 hopes to help guide Andover to a successful season this spring after a sluggish 1-3 start.

McCarthy views her leadership role primarily as a way to help her teammates so that they can work effectively with each other. Serving the team with fellow Co-Captain Claire Kister ’16, McCarthy always looks to improve cohesion within a close-knit group of players.

McCarthy said, “I love being a Co-Captain of [Girls Varsity Lacrosse] because I get to work closely with a good friend, Claire, about how best to support our teammates and make the team as cohesive as possible.”

Regardless of whether or not she is playing lacrosse, McCarthy constantly dedicates time to supporting her team, fulfilling a leadership role that extends beyond the playing field.

“It all starts off the field – in the locker room, on the paths, and in commons,” McCarthy said. “Claire and I both agree that creating and strengthening friendships within the team is crucial to the way we play, so we do our best to make sure everyone is having fun and branching out.”

During practices and games, McCarthy actively bolsters team spirit by spreading positive encouragement and valuing the importance of every player for her contribution to the team. Additionally, McCarthy’s positive attitude sets an admirable example for others on the team to follow.

Laura Bilal ’17 said, “I think Kelly is a great captain because she leads by example and through her positivity. She always has a smile on her face and she always has something positive to say about the team, which really boosts team morale. She also is great at making everyone feel included and like they have an important role on the team.”
Ultimately, the purpose of McCarthy’s positive attitude is to maintain a high level of energy throughout practices and games, bringing out the best performances from the team.

Beth Krikorian ’17 said, “Kelly is the most positive person I know and she brings her energy and focus to the team every day. She is a leader both on the field and on the sidelines. She ensures that the sideline always has the energy necessary to help the team do our best and that our support system is always there.”

Newcomer Ananda Kao ’18 said, “Kelly is a natural leader. She knows how to pick us up when the energy is lacking or when we are down in games. She cares so much for everyone on the team and she does a really good job of bringing everyone together and making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her excitement, commitment, and love for the team and for the sport make her a great captain.”

McCarthy’s energy provides extra motivation for the team to try its hardest regardless of the score.

Nikki Dlesk ’17 said, “Kelly brings the most positive energy to the team. Whether we’re up by one or down by ten, she constantly encourages us to do better, try harder, and put in that extra bit of effort.”

While trying to build team spirit with positive encouragement, McCarthy also recognizes the importance of constructive criticism in improving the team throughout the season. Her constant communication with her teammates helps them find areas to develop their game while simultaneously bringing everyone closer together.

Kao added, “Personally, Kelly helps me a lot during our games. Whether we are on the field or on the sideline, she is always there for me and always has helpful advice. She never gets mad if I, or anyone on the team, makes mistakes because it is bound to happen but she is always willing to give us advice so that we learn from our mistakes and improve, together, as a team.”

Editor’s Note: Laura Bilal is a Sports Editor for The Phillipian.