Chloe’s Corner

Even if you don’t pay heed to fashion trends, you may have noticed the ubiquity of the Stan Smith white tennis sneakers on campus. They’re popular for a reason. Aside from their extreme comfort, anything from the 80’s is fashionable again. If you decide to invest in a pair of tennis shoes, I beg you to do some digging as there is a plethora of great options that are not Adidas. For those of you who are already sporting a pair of tennis shoes or thinking about procuring one, here is a quick guide on what to wear with them. Happy experimenting!

Boyfriend jeans – Keep it casual. A loose, comfy outfit is often the way to go. Pull out any pair of baggy jeans, and tuck in your favorite band tee. It’s a great “I woke up like this” kind of look. If you like to accessorize, a simple black choker could never hurt. Finally, throw on your sneakers. Effortless chic!

Long sweater – If you own a baggy sweater that’s long enough to be a dress, go for it! Loose, long sweaters are very “in” this season, and will look especially fabulous with sneakers. My favorite combo? A pastel sweater with white kicks.

Fancy dresses – Who says you have to wear heels with your new dress? Sneakers are more comfortable anyway! It doesn’t matter how fancy the dress is: beaded, satin, or just simple cotton. I like wearing a denim dress with white tennis shoes.