Chloe’s Corner

Call me crazy, but despite last weekend’s snow-covered campus and 40 degree weather, spring is officially here. I plan to devote the next several columns to fashion ideas for the new season, but first thing’s first. Let’s take care of the basics: skin, hair, hands, and nails. Let’s get our beauty regimen in order!

Skin: For the face, it’s time to switch to the oil-free moisturizer. We had to use heavy creams during the dead of winter, even if it meant clogging pores and risking more acne, but with more humidity and warmth, we won’t need so much moisture. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Hair: Common sense would dictate you need less moisturizing conditioner when there is more humidity in the air. However, I would pay attention to how your hair responds. If your hair is looking oily or limp, I would use a lighter moisturizing conditioner. But if your hair is dyed, highlighted, damaged, or dry, I would continue using deep conditioning.

Hands & Nails: Moisturize your hands religiously and your nails will benefit, too. Keep a tube of nice-smelling hand moisturizer in your backpack. Whip it out during class and the wafting scent will entice others to ask you for some.