Chloe’s Corner

Fashion disasters happen all the time at Andover. I have dealt with a ton since I came here. If you’re short on time, here are some quick DIY tips to solve your fashion emergencies:

How to shorten your skirts or pants: You bought yourself a cute pair of jeans or trousers, but they are too long! Instead of waiting until you go home to trim them, use some masking tape or fashion tape to shorten the cuffs to the length you want.

How to un-shrink your sweaters that you accidentally put in the dryer: Find a plastic bin and fill it with lukewarm water and about one-third of a cup of hair conditioner. Soak the sweater in the solution for about 15 minutes. Then, take the sweater out and squeeze out the excess water, but don’t rinse it again. Lay the damp sweater over a towel to dry. Every half hour, stretch the sweater in different directions. By the time it completely dries, your sweater will be your size again!

How to get food and grease stains out: It really is the worst when you drop a forkful of spaghetti and tomato sauce on your shirt or pants. If possible, immediately treat the stain with sparkling water. But what do you do if you find those stains hours or days later? Put some dishwashing soap on them and go over the stains with an old toothbrush. Works like a charm every time!

How to get rid of BBQ and other food scents from your coats: Yes, you love Korea Garden, Chipotle and other food establishments, but you don’t like the way your coats smell coming out of there. What should you do? Grab a nice-smelling dryer sheet and generously rub it all over your coat. Then, leave the sheet inside the coat and zip it up to trap that nice scent in overnight. Voilà! By morning, it should be all clear!