Chloe’s Corner

Turtlenecks scream winter! They are retro pieces that can act as the key for keeping you warm this season. The utility value of turtlenecks aside, they provide a streamlined look, allowing you to take a break from layering and wearing scarves. Here are a few tips on how to rock the turtleneck. Try them out and don’t be afraid!

Wear a statement necklace or a choker around your neck. Rhinestones and colorful beads are a great way to add some personality to your outfit. There’s nothing like a sparkly or colorful necklace to adorn a plain turtleneck!

Wear a light sweater on top of your turtleneck. If you have a plain white turtleneck lying around, you can throw a colorful, textured or brightly-patterned sweater over it to give your outfit a preppy feel. This is especially nice for those of you who love wearing white button-down shirts in the fall. The 100 percent cotton turtleneck provides warmth that cannot be beat!

Tuck the front part of your turtleneck into a pair of skinny jeans. It’s okay for the sides and back portion of the turtleneck to hang out. It will add an effortless flair to your outfit, while also looking sleek and clean-cut. Monochromatic turtlenecks are great for this styling technique.

Pair your turtleneck with a jacket, preferably denim or leather. Throwing your favorite jacket over a colorful turtleneck, exposing only the top part of your turtleneck, makes your covered neck the centerpiece of the look. And don’t forget to wear your parka on the very top to stay warm!