Chloe’s Corner

Welcome back to Andover – where the coldest and darkest months have greeted us with open arms! Hopefully, your down parka and two-pound snow boots will keep you warm, but what do you do when your winter gear gets repetitive? Well, you jazz up your look with a few accessories! I’ve curated a list of winter trends to keep you looking stylish all season long.

The Patent Over-the-Ankle Bootie: These booties are a crowd favorite because they are very versatile. They can add an element of edginess to an outfit if paired with a dress. If paired with skinny jeans, they create an “off-duty” model look. The over-the-ankle height elongates the leg and gives the wearer a bit of added height. A popular style right now is an acrylic-heel bootie!

Neck chokers and scarves: ’70s trends are back! Dig out that old, red bandana from your drawer and fold it until it looks like a skinny choker. Tie it around your neck and voilà! You’ll be sporting a go-to accessory of one of my favorite bloggers, Julie Sarinana of “Sincerely Jules.”

Anything fur: From stoles to vests and fur-lined collars, the fur trend is staying strong this winter season! For the bold, try a fur vest, or if you need to take baby steps, start with a fur-collared coat. Not only do these pieces keep you warm, but they scream “fierce!” If you want to make your look more casual, wear your fur pieces with a black or neutral colored top and bottom. Less is more. Fur real.

Earmuff headphones: These earmuff headphones allow you to listen to music while still keeping your ears warm. You can even create the rhinestone and fur look yourselves! Just glue some rhinestones and fur onto your favorite headphones.

The Pompom Beanie: Trending all over social media and fashion publications, this new favorite can be worn with any outfit because the color combinations are endless! My favorite combo is a pink pompom on a gray base. A popular style comes with a fishnet that hangs in the front, giving the hat extra flair. For people feeling bold, there is even a hat with two pompoms on top.