Chloe’s Corner

Gear up for fall and winter with these accessories!

Small Box Bag

I encourage you all to acquire a small, structured bag. It’s a staple that will never go out of style. I love them, because they are so compact and can finish off any look, even a casual tee and jeans combo. Look for bold colors or patterns – those are my favorite!

Fur Keychain

This has been a major trend since Fendi debuted their classic bag bugs. Everyone in the fashion world snagged one to adorn their handbags. Shortly after, Fendi released “Karlito,” a.k.a. fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in fuzzy, keychain form. While I’d love to get one, $1,500 (yes, you read that number right) is a bit much for a keychain. Don’t fear, though, because I’ve got you covered with this cheaper, pink pom-pom keychain that opens into a mini mirror.


Since the invention of the cellphone, we have greatly overlooked this accessory, but let me be the first to remind you that a watch can serve as easy arm-candy. An oversized watch, worn with some glittery and shiny bracelets, screams Instagram-worthy! But if fancy isn’t your thing, it’s alright because watches can always serve a practical purpose, like when you’re taking a test but there is no clock in the classroom. These Mickey Mouse and candy watches are on my wish-list right now.

Baseball Cap

Caps have begun to trend, and I don’t just mean the ones with your home sports teams printed on them. Go for bold colors, funky textures and cool slogans. I personally like all of the pastel colored ones out there. These are perfect for protecting yourself against UV rays, even when it’s cloudy.