Sweet Treats Worth Falling For

Hungry for some new flavors this season? Try some of these foods at your favorite spots in downtown Andover!

Washington Apple Pound Cake at Starbucks

A great addition to your everyday Starbucks drink, the Washington Apple Pound cake is a small, light cake made with caramelized apples from Washington and brown sugar. This snack will be available throughout the fall season. “I really liked [the Washington Apple Pound Cake]. It tastes subtly of apple and caramel… I think anybody who enjoys cake would like it. When I think of fall, I think of apple cider, and this tastes like apple cider,” said Avery Kim ’17.

Pumpkin Munchkins at Dunkin’ Donuts

pumpkinmuffins Glazed, chocolate and jelly munchkins comprise the standard flavors of Dunkin’ Donuts’ munchkins, their signature bite-sized donuts. This month the franchise has reintroduced their pumpkin-flavored munchkin, which appears in stores every fall. This light treat is perfect for sharing with friends during a study break or while strolling downtown. You can also pair it with your favorite coffee or latté for a larger snack. The munchkins will be around until mid-December.

Pumpkin Raisin Muffin at Perfecto’s Caffe

ekaufmannladuc.fallfood0006 Rather than just serving a plain pumpkin muffin, Perfecto’s Caffe fuses the traditional fall flavor with another breakfast favorite: raisins. The combination of sweet raisin and fragrant pumpkin makes every bite rich with flavor. This baked good is available year-round. “[The pumpkin raisin muffin] tastes delicious. I love all things that taste like pumpkin, especially in the fall because it reminds me of the season. The icing may have been a little too sweet, but other than that I liked the combination of the raisins and the pumpkin,” said Henry Spritz ’19.

Puff Love at Sweet Mimi’s

New to the Sweet Mimi’s menu, Puff Love combines elements of traditional caramel corn and puff corn. This treat, sold in a small bag, retains a light and crunchy texture. While you’re in this candy store, don’t forget to pick up some gummy bears, lollipops or chocolate-covered caramel for a full feast of sweet.