Fireworks Set Off on Great Lawn Following First Dance

Several fireworks were set off last Saturday on the Great Lawn at 11:05 p.m.. Students who attended the dance for Lowers, Uppers and Seniors last Saturday night were informed of the firework launch by sheets of paper scattered on the floor that read, “Look at the sky at 11:05.”

In response, Jennifer Elliott ’94, Dean of Students, sent an email to the student body, urging students to come forward with further information about the incident.

“Fireworks were set off from the Great Lawn dangerously close to students, vehicles, road traffic and buildings. The decision by non-professional individuals to set off fireworks on our campus is illegal, misguided, reckless, irresponsible, unsafe and unacceptable,” wrote Elliott.

In the email, Elliott highlighted the dangers of fireworks, including statistics of fires caused by fireworks, along with information about other firework-related injuries.

“Whether it’s fingers, hands or parts of bodies that have been permanently damaged – if not destroyed – by fireworks, the risk is real. Talk to any doctor who knows how scary [these risks are],” said Elliott in an interview with The Phillipian.

“I am really troubled by the decision-making by a group of students… I really do hope students realize the severity of this act and how unsafe it is for our community – just how irresponsible and misguided this decision making is,” she continued.

Elliott requests the Andover community to come forward and share information regarding the students who set off the fireworks.

“We’re engaged in conversation with students, and kids are coming forward with some information. We’ll continue looking for information,” said Elliott.

Fireworks were also set off after a dance on May 30, making this weekend’s incident the second of 2015.