Hypnotiq Wakes Up Flawless

Last Friday night in the Elson Courtyard, Hypnotiq, Andover’s hip-hop dance group, performed six dances at their first independent show this year.

“Originally having a solo piece, I felt kind of anxious, but whenever I did it, I knew I had a comforting, supportive team behind me cheering me on. I learned this piece in New York at [a dance studio called] Steps on Broadway and it took A LOT of practice to get it all the way down – but I did it in the end,” said Justice Robinson ’18.

“Something that made this show special was the dance that I did with [Christian Cruz ’16]. The piece was something that we choreographed together, and I’m so lucky that I got to share the stage with him, because he’s not only one of our best dancers, but also of my closest friends. Since this was my last show with Hypno, I’ll admit that the night felt bittersweet, but at the end of the day, I’m so proud of how far we’ve come as a team, and I know that I’m going to miss everyone dearly when I leave,” said Sofia Valenzuela ’15.