Athlete of the Week: Reagan Posorske ’15

Reagan Posorske ’17, a two-year Lower from Phoenix, AZ., has outclassed every one of her opponents throughout her career on the Andover Girls Tennis team. Posorske has rolled through her competition, amassing an undefeated record over two seasons. A four star recruit, Posorske is ranked fourth in Arizona for her graduating class. For her unparalleled accomplishments, Posorske has been named The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What is the biggest factor that has led to your perfect record at Andover?

I think it’s consistency. I think that a lot of my opponents get impatient, and then, I’m able to take advantage of the fact that some of their shots aren’t as strong.

What is your biggest strength as a tennis player?

Probably my shot selection. I think that I do a good job of getting my opponent off the court and being able to execute the shot so that the points go by quicker.

Was it intimidating for you to come into Andover and immediately rise to the top of the ladder?

Yes. I thought it helped, though. Before my matches, I felt a lot of pressure. In the end, I went in and thought
that I had nothing to lose because I was a Junior, and I ended up winning every match. I think that it’s helped a lot this year because I know the girls that I’ve played and how to play them.

Does the fact that you’re so accustomed to winning ever make you nervous before matches?

Yes, I get nervous all the time before every singles match. I have a personal goal that I want to be undefeated this season, too. In the end, I want to play well every match and have the mentality that anything can happen.

Do you have any other goals for the season?

I really want to beat Milton in the Championship. That’s our biggest goal. It would be nice to be undefeated throughout my Andover career.

What’s your favorite thing about the sport of tennis?

I love that it’s an individual sport. It’s you and only you on the court. If you lose, it’s obviously your fault, but if you win, you can give yourself a lot of credit.