Technovation: Seventh

Team “Seventh” has followed the lead of several colleges and universities by creating an app meant to make Andover’s campus safer. Their app, “The Pack” for Android, allows users to stay as a group even when they’re split up.

The members of the team are Veronica Nutting ’16, Nupur Neogi ’16, Sabine Nix ’16 and Samantha Lin ’16.

“Our app is… designed for safety when going out in groups. When you’re going out to an event, you can use this app to make sure all your friends are safe and also to make yourself feel safe,” said Neogi, who programmed the app, in an interview with The Phillipian.

By navigating The Pack’s interface, which was designed by Nix, users are able to check in on their friends as a safety precaution. The app also creates a security blanket for the user, who is able to know that their friends are also looking out for them.

Having had previous experience in computer science class, Neogi said that she was looking for a way to continue coding outside of the classroom when she became interested in the Technovation challenge. Incentivized by the chance to work with friends, work on her coding skills and make an app useful to the Andover community, Neogi immediately signed up when she heard that the Computer Science Department was offering the challenge.

Nutting and Lin, heading the business side of Team Seventh, are in the process of creating a marketing presentation for their app as well as developing a clear and detailed business strategy for The Pack’s future.

Team Seventh hopes that everyone using their app will feel even just a little bit safer knowing that they can rely on their friends to watch their backs.