Overalls and Doc Martens: Alexa Pagano ’16 Blasts to the Past

Just as the online timer approaches zero, Alexa Pagano ’16 quickly clicks on the “buy” icon next to an item of clothing on her computer screen. The timer and the piece of clothing appear on a sample sale website, an online store with a limited number of each item that gives you a specific amount of time to purchase. Pagano said that she often browses these websites, sometimes having to compete with other online shoppers for the last article of clothing left in stock.

In addition to shopping at sample sales online, Pagano looks for these limited-edition items in stores. Pagano is from New York City, where sample sales are prevalent.

“I am just a big Internet browser – like on the prowl all the time. I love sample sale websites and sample sales. They are the best things ever, especially in New York City. You can find high-end designer clothing marked down from 25 dollars to nothing. In a store, I always go for the racks where there is sample clothing. The clothes are basically one of a kind, so you always feel cool wearing it because no one else has it,” said Pagano.

Through her savvy shopping strategies, Pagano has acquired a wardrobe full of clothing that she says cannot be categorized into one type of style.

“I don’t know if I have a specific style per se… I think right now I am trying to bring back the boho-chic, ’70s look: bell-bottoms, overalls… I also get some of my inspirations from early ’80s movies, like ‘Pretty in Pink’ and all those goofy styles, but at the same time, that’s not me all the time,” said Pagano.

While her inspiration constantly shifts, Pagano always returns to a few key pieces in her wardrobe, including a pair of bronze Doc Marten shoes.

“I wear my low top Doc Martens all the time, just because they are convenient and waterproof. They can basically match with anything. Everyone should invest in a pair of Doc Martens because Doc Martens are awesome,” said Pagano.

Pagano has recently worn her signature Doc Martens with a pair of skinny jean overalls, layered over a camel-brown, turtleneck crop top. She accessorized the outfit with a black beanie hat with pom-poms.

In general, black attire is essential to Pagano, and she likes to add bright colors for contrast.

“I love random pieces of neon clothing. It just adds a bright pop of color to something. Sometimes, my outfits can be a little dull… You can have dark jeans and a top, and if you have neon sneakers or a pop of color somewhere, it would look awesome. I also own a couple pairs of colored jeans, so it is fun to pop those in sometimes,” said Pagano.

This season, Pagano said she feels drawn towards skater skirts and overalls.

“Overalls are my thing this term. I’m obsessed with overalls… I think I’ve bought at least five pairs of overalls in the past month. I’m bringing them back,” said Pagano.

Pagano firmly believes that fashion is a form of personal expression. She hopes that her exciting and contrasting clothing style will inspire others to explore different styles and create their own.

Pagano said, “I feel like [back home] in New York City, no one judges you, so you can kind of experiment with your style however you want. So most of time, I would just go for it. At Andover, people are a little more judgmental, but I don’t care, so I’m going to wear what I want. I have free will in my clothing choices,” said Pagano. “I dress to make myself happy, not anyone else happy. Fashion is all about expressing yourself. I don’t want to look good for other people. Just do you.”