A Cappella Night: Serenades, “Survivor” and Solos

**The MIT Logarhythms serenade Auguste White ’17, a member of Azure.**

Dressed in bright button-down shirts and ties, members of the MIT Logarhythms searched the crowd in Kemper Auditorium. Before beginning their performance of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” the all-male a cappella group from MIT pulled Auguste White ’17 onstage. White joined members of the Logarhythms on stage, where she got to sit on the lap of a Logarhythms member while the singers danced around her and belted the chorus of the playful song.

The MIT Logarhythms’ serenade of White ended last Friday’s annual A Cappella Night. In addition to the Logarhythms, the show also included three Andover groups: The Yorkies, Azure and Keynotes.

The Yorkies took the stage first for a three song set. They closed their set with Outkast’s “Roses,” which began with the entire group humming. A few moments later, Nolan Crawford ’15 began the first solo, followed by Joel Peña ’16. Devontae Freeland ’15, a member of the Yorkies, performed the song’s rapid rap, much to the delight of the audience.
“I thought the Yorkies did a great job with [‘Roses’]. It’s a classic, and Devontae killed the rap,” said Tom Burnett ’15, Co-Head of the Yorkies.

Azure followed the Yorkies with a two song performance. They kicked off with a mash-up of Miguel’s R&B hit “Adorn” and Kanye West’s “Bound 2,” and their second song was a Destiny’s Child medley. Soloist Emma Chatson ’18 began the Destiny’s Child mix singing “Bills, Bills, Bills.” Lines from the popular “Say My Name” followed before continuing with a sassy solo by Miriam Feldman ’18, who performed “Survivor.”

White, a member of Azure, said, “I think the audience really liked all our songs, especially the Destiny’s Child part. Even though we weren’t exactly like Destiny’s Child, we were still engaging, so the audience was very receptive towards that.”

Freeland said, “I absolutely loved Azure’s Destiny’s Child medley. They managed to fit in four or five really great songs and have so much spunk and great choreography.”

Keynotes performed next. There were two soloists in this performance, Natalie Yeh ’17 and Nathaniel Redding ’16. In a mash-up of “Primadonna” by Marina and the Diamonds and CeeLo Green’s “Forget You,” Yeh and Redding performed a solo from each song, respectively. The two singers feigned a rivalry while performing, inspired by the idea that the two had previously been in a relationship. The two took turns voicing their ‘complaints,’ giving the routine a personable energy.

The MIT Logarhythms also performed Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” This was their first song of the night, which soloist Will Rutter and his fellow musicians preceded by comically circling the stage in Kemper Auditorium in a flurry of exaggerated franticness.
Stephanie Wong, the coordinator who selected the MIT Logarhythms for the event, said, “I like that The Logs are a diverse group. They are high achieving students who are talented both musically and academically, which I think our students can relate to. As a group they are high energy and can involve a crowd.”