BREAKING: Theo Perez ’16 and Annette Bell ’16 Named Student Body Co-Presidents

After months of planning and campaigning, Annette Bell ’16 and Theo Perez ’16 have been elected as Student Body Co-Presidents for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The polls opened on Thursday at 7AM, and closed at 10PM. 1009 students participated in the vote.

“We are super excited about this role, about the possibility of being able to both generate our own creative ideas, to go out to you and get your creative ideas, and serve as a bridge to make sure that we can make this the smoothest and most awesome transformative period that it can be,” said Perez.

Bell and Perez’s platform included volunteer based dinners that would randomly seat community members together, a day student mentorship program, and flexibility in the athletic curriculum.

In a forum this past Wednesday, current Student Body Co-Presidents Rebecca Somer ’15 and David Gutierrez ’15 posed questions to the two candidate pairs, asking questions regarding both pairs platforms and how their ideas would benefit the school.

When asked about how he and Annette would fix what the pair regarded as Andover’s biggest problem, Perez said, “We hope, as Student Body Presidents, to help facilitate… communication [between students] and to encourage students to go more out of their way to interact with larger swaths of the Andover community.”