Co-Presidential Q&A: Theodore Perez and Annette Bell

**Why do you want to be Co-President?**
Annette Bell: I think that being Co-President is really important in the sense that you have this opportunity to make a change and be a really big voice at the school. I think that there’s a lot of things that aren’t focused on. [We] touch on some really interesting points [in our platform], like Prefects for day students…things that people don’t really think of or talk about but that should be acknowledged.
Theo Perez: I really enjoy people, and I enjoy interacting with people, and I enjoy helping people, and I know that there is a lot of stuff around here that kind of isn’t so great….I really just want to do my best to help make sure that everyone can feel like Andover’s their home.

**What would you say is the most important aspect of your platform?**
Perez: Mentorship, because it’s something that we handle decently well for a good number of kids here their first year, but for people going into their Lower year, Proctors aren’t always mentors in that regard. A lot of people get lost, – a lot of people feel unsupportive. People who aren’t boarders or who come in as older students feel unsupported, and really that’s such a terrible thing – coming into a community and not feeling like there’s support there for you.
Bell: I think having a strong community, which also stems from mentorship, would guide everyone’s path and make them happier here. Another really important thing that we should look at is having options for sports, whether it’s more slides or more changes for you to do what you love. Not everyone loves to do sports all the time – maybe it’s music, maybe it’s theater or maybe it’s they just want a break.
What is one thing you want people to know about you?
Perez: [Students] should feel free to sit down at my table if they see me in Paresky Commons! I like meeting people and chatting with people.
Bell: Even though I’m quiet… when it comes to my ideas, I’m ready to voice them. When I feel strongly about something, I will let them know how I feel about it.

**If you were a superhero duo, who would you be?**
Bell: Cosmo and Wanda from “The Fairly Odd Parents.” We want to make Andover’s wishes come true.

**What is your campaign theme song?**
Bell: “Go the Distance” from Hercules.

*Annette Bell is an Online Editor for* The Phillipian *Vol. CXXXVIII.*