Co-Presidential Q&A: Sayer Devlin and Sadie Holmes

**Why do you want to be Co-Presidents?**

Sadie Holmes: We really want to interact with students more and get to know everybody. It’s really easy here to feel like you’re overwhelmed or you’re lost. I know that I’ve definitely felt that, and I want to make Andover a place where people feel more welcome [and] more like they belong to something.
Sayer Devlin: I think a lot of kids don’t really have a great grasp on how to change the school. Sadie and I are really committed to plausible change, and it’s not going to always be the sexiest kind of ideas. It’s going to be change that we can achieve; things that we can really work towards.

**What would you say is the most important aspect of your platform?**

Devlin: I think communication between faculty and students because a lot of the times, [students] get left out of the conversation just because that’s how the school is designed. The teachers make the decisions, and nothing has to go through us, nothing has to pass through any student vote or anything, but when the faculty does hear our voice, they listen. So, just getting our voice to the faculty in a respectful, tactful manner is something they’ll be more receptive to.

**What is one thing you want people to know about you?**

Holmes: I’d say our backgrounds are fairly important to what we are now. I am from Connecticut, my parents are divorced, I’m the youngest of five siblings so I’m really a team player, but I can also be independent because I’m much younger than my siblings.
Devlin: I’ve lived all over the world. I live in Boston now, but I’ve lived in Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. So I have this really diverse cultural background, I’ve lived in three really distinct, different cultures, and I think that’s really cultivated this really different perspective from a lot of kids.

**If you were a superhero duo, who would you be?**

Devlin: I feel like we’re The Incredibles, just the whole family, because they have such different powers and they’re different people but they come together really well to make a great team.

**What is your campaign theme song?**

Holmes: “Style” by Taylor Swift.

*Sayer Devlin is a Copy Editor for* The Phillipian *CXXXVIII.*