Co-Presidential Q&A: Arzu Singh and Will Bergstein

**Why do you want to be Co-Presidents?**

Arzu Singh: I would say that the position of Co-President is really important in that it’s an incredible opportunity to instigate change in the school in a way that I don’t think you can necessarily do in other positions. We don’t want leadership to have this image that you have to be super authoritative and polished and perfect and eloquent and commanding, because that’s not what leadership is. True leadership is being able to empathize with the student body, represent the student body, support the student body, whilst simultaneously being part of the student body.

**What would you say is the most important aspect of your platform?**

Singh: Exeter’s equivalent of Graham house trains select uppers and seniors to be peer counselors. These uppers and seniors attend weekly workshops about problems. A lot of times, I think it’s hard to approach adults, because they don’t necessarily know what you’re going through, and so to have peers that you can go to that are specially trained to talk to you and to listen would be so good for this community.

**What is one thing you want people to know about you?**

Will Bergstein: It might seem that I might just want to be president because there’s a social connotation… but I actually care. This is a position that I feel like I can do well and that I care about. I honestly think that some people think this is just another leadership position, but I really care a lot.

Singh: I would want people to know that, to put it simply, I’m a very sincere person. The things we’re advocating for on our platform are things that I truly believe in and try to change individually on a daily basis.

**If you were a superhero duo, who would you be?**

Singh: Sharkboy and Lavagirl. They are that idea of friendship. They are not just two random superheroes that happen to work together. They are kind of “ordinary” kids with quirky backgrounds and quirky superpowers.

**What is your campaign theme song?**

Bergstein and Singh: “All I do is Win” by DJ Khaled. No explanation needed.