Trustee Emerita Cynthia Bing AA ’61 Passes Away at 73

Cynthia Eaton Bing AA ’61, Trustee Emerita, peacefully passed away on Friday, December 12, 2014, after a long illness.

After graduating from Abbot Academy, Bing contributed to the Andover community in multiple ways. She served as an Alumni Council member from 1982-1986, Alumni Council President from 1984-1986, Alumni Trustee and Class Agent. Much of Bing’s volunteer work for Andover helped foster a strong sense of community for generations of Abbot graduates. She often organized and hosted luncheons in New York City for Abbot alumnae of all ages.

“People like [Bing] are particularly vital for Abbot women because when we first started these Abbot gatherings … there wasn’t much emphasis on Abbot. The fact that we got the community together here in New York City was a way of saying ‘Hey, our school is gone but we’re still a part of Andover.’ I think that was really good for keeping the Abbot lifeline going,” said Marcia McCabe AA ’73.

Bing worked to keep the spirit of Abbot alive on the Andover campus as well during her time as a Trustee. She actively participated in the effort to name the entrance of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library “The Abbot Academy Entrance and Lobby.”

“Abbot wanted to have its name part of and central to the school, and [Bing] and I and several others worked very hard to raise money for that… We thought it was very important to have the Abbot name and we’re very happy that we raised the money to do that,” said Betsy Powell AA ’56, Trustee Emerita.

Bing’s passion for education was evident in her lifelong commitment to Andover and the many other school boards and committees that she volunteered for.

“[Bing] had knowledge of how other boards of trustees worked, how they maneuvered, how they raised money, how they dealt with parents, and she brought that type of knowledge to [The Andover Board of Trustees],” said Powell.

“If there were two points of view, or three points of view, or many points of view, [Bing] was good at bringing those points of views together so the school could decide on one thing and move forward,” she continued.

Bing was the President Emerita of the Board of Trustees at The Trevor Day School in New York, NY. She also participated on the board of Early Steps, a program that helps students of color apply to independent schools, Search and Care, a service program for the elderly, and the New York League of Conservation Voters.

“I remember when I was navigating the wonderful world of getting [kids] into a kindergarten and I called upon [Bing] for advice about what schools she recommended. Education and particularly educating young people was something that she cared about and gave a lot of time and treasure to,” said McCabe.

Through all of her interests and contributions to Andover and organizations in New York, NY., Bing’s warm personality remained her greatest attribute, McCabe said.

“What I admired about [Bing] was that she had a tremendous vitality to her. Any time that you were in her air space there was this energy, this vitality,” McCabe added.

“And her passion! She was not quietly passionate about stuff, she was very open. She had a great joie de vivre. She was a lot of fun and had a great laugh. She definitely commanded the room. She was a really strong, happy, upbeat person. I’ll always remember that about her,” she continued.

Born on April 6, 1942 in Belfast, ME., Bing came to Andover as an Abbot student in 1957. After Abbot, Bing graduated from Connecticut College for Women before moving to New York, NY. There, she worked for Holland America Line, a cruise line, as head of group sales.

In 1972, Bing married Alexander Bing III. Bing was mother to Cynthia Bing ’91, Alexander Bing, Abigail Bing ’93, who passed away in 2012, and stepdaughter Virginia Bing.

Bing is survived by her husband Alexander Bing III; brother Eben R. Eaton; daughter Cynthia K. Bing; son Alexander M. Bing; step-daughter Virginia G. Bing; granddaughter Eloise B. Padial; and son-in-law Michael S. Padial. Her memorial took place at the Church of the Heavenly Rest in New York, NY., on Tuesday, January 6.