Beating the Clock

Time is an enemy for many of us. We complain about our amounts of homework, the long wait until summer vacation and hours of ice hockey practice.

But for some students on our campus, time is the ultimate opponent. There are those among us for whom finishing a subject of homework in 45 minutes is an unreasonable goal, for whom crossing the intersection of Chapel Avenue and Main Street takes more than the allotted 18 seconds.

It is evident in the articles published in the Commentary section this week that there are things that Andover can do to make itself more welcoming for people with disabilities. Adding more passing time between classes, being more understanding about how long homework takes for some people and refraining from making ableist jokes are just some of the ways Andover could improve. Let’s create opportunities for education about ableism. Let’s attend the MLK Day workshop on the subject. Let’s develop empathy and understanding.

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