New Student Health Website to be Implemented

Andrew Cortner ’17 and Niko Skrivanos ’17 announced Thursday evening the planned installment of an online health site that will feature concerns and responses surrounding student health at Andover.

“With personal articles in The Phillipian, forums and discussions that were held, and what has been at the heart of discussion on campus, it is clear that student health is an issue students feel strongly about and it must be recognized,” wrote Cortner and Skrivanos in the email.

The online service will include common questions asked by students regarding health and wellness on campus, along with thorough, student-written responses aimed towards providing advice to students dealing with health issues, according to Cortner and Skrivanos.

The responses and questions will be within the following categories: mental health, nutrition, physical health, relationships, sexual health, diversity, and academics.

The site will be developed in the coming months, with the help of a group of student participants who will help create and run the site, according to Cortner and Skrivanos. They are currently looking for applicants to join the project.

“We believe this service will provide students with an accessible resource that will eliminate the social stigma around getting help at Andover. The issues on our campus are real: sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, racism, sexual assault, sexism, depression, and homesickness are present and detrimental to the health of our students,” wrote Cortner and Skrivanos in the email.

“This online service will provide students with a trustworthy and beneficial resource surrounding questions and concerns pertaining to the issues above,” they continued.

The announcement was forwarded via email to the student body by Carol Israel, Director of Graham House Counseling Center.