Faculty Introduces Alternative Room Visiting Policy to Last Spring’s Proposal

In January, the faculty will vote whether to retain the room visiting rules passed last spring, or implement a new alternative policy.

The alternative policy will be revised beginning this Monday when faculty members vote on amendments to the the alternative proposal. The House Counseling Committee (HCC) will finalize the alternative proposal before the final vote in the new year.

According to an email from Paul Murphy, Dean of Students, to the HCC, the alternative proposal currently allows Uppers to have closed-door room visits in the spring, and Seniors to have closed-door visits from January 1 to June.

“Waiting until January for 12th graders and spring term for 11th graders would allow for new students to adjust to the school and the house counselors to get to know the students better before needing to discuss and make judgments about the appropriateness of a closed-door room visit,” wrote Murphy.

The room visiting policies proposed last spring mandated that Uppers and Seniors had to keep their doors ajar the width of a school-issued recycling bin during room visits.

Murphy said, “I think there was general agreement from the HCC that we should take the fall term and entertain an alternative for the faculty to consider,” in an email to _The Phillipian._

The Alternative Proposal, as of December 9:

9th grade: none in fall; January to June: open doors with limited visiting as is the case in 2014-2015

10th grade: Open doors all year beginning on October 15

11th grade: Open doors from October 15 through winter term; doors may be closed during spring term.

12th grade: Open doors from October 15 to January 1; doors may be closed January to June.