Trustees Flock to Campus For Weekend

The Board of Trustees convened on campus as part of Fall Term’s Trustee Weekend.

Over the weekend, members of the Andover community gathered at the Elson Courtyard in order to rededicate the space to Louis Elson ’80.

“This is where I was dropped off by my parents in 1977… Little did I know that, as I came up this breezeway and made my way to [George Washington Hall], opportunities were going to open for me in my life that I could never imagine,” said Elson, according to the Trustee Weekend press release.

“As you pass through here, you get to be part of a much bigger community that’s going to enrich your own life,” he continued. “It gives you the chance to come back and enrich other lives. That’s the beautiful cycle of being part of this community.”

Since its renovation over the summer, the Elson Courtyard has acted as a space for DramaLabs performances, classes and club meetings.

The weekend was also highlighted by a discussion on Andover’s athletic programs. Topics discussed included a renovation of the athletic facility, the athletic program’s philosophy and potential sources for funding.

Although no final decisions were made during the meeting, the conversation served as a platform for further action during the February 2015 trustee meeting, at which the board expects to receive the final Athletics Master Plan, according to the press release.

Additionally, trustees accepted the operating results of the 2014 fiscal year and voted to increase the facilities renewal budget in order to fund the renovation of Double Brick House, a Junior girls’ dorm, in the coming year.