Oliver Wendell Holmes Library: OWHL to be Renovated for First Time since 1988

Oliver Wendell Holmes Library (OWHL) is beginning the process of designing and implementing a new look. In the next few years, the interior of the building will be completely renovated, and the OWHL staff hopes to create private collaboration rooms with technology that can be reserved by students, according to Elizabeth Tully, Director of the OWHL. At the moment, Andover is in the midst of selecting a new architect to design the building, but the exact starting date of the construction is not yet determined. Once the school hires the architect, he or she will work heavily with the students and faculty to see what sort of building is wanted by the community. “Kids will be at the table talking about what kind of space, what kind of furniture they want in the library. I think the library is old enough now that the way we see kids studying today just isn’t met by the space as it is,” Tully said. Last summer, Head of School John Palfrey requested funding of the Trustees to do an architectural study of the building on behalf of the OWHL staff. The last renovation done to the library was in 1988, when the upstairs area, the basement, the lobby, and the stacks were added. Since then, the library has undergone several smaller changes since then, such the addition of Wi-Fi and new furniture, said Tully.