Car Accident:Student Struck by Car While Crossing Main Street

Elijah Aladin ’15 was hit by a car late Tuesday evening as he crossed Main Street on the way back to Taylor Hall from main campus. Aladin was out past sign-in covering the midterm elections in Kemper Auditorium with his journalism class. He returned safely to his dorm, only to return back to Kemper Auditorium to retrieve his forgotten computer. “On my way back I was crossing Main Street towards the quads, and a car came flying down. I guess it saw me at the last minute and I saw it at the last minute. It stopped a little bit so I didn’t get too hurt,” said Aladin. Following the collision, Aladin was taken to Lawrence General Hospital. He is currently in Isham Health Center, recovering from a concussion and ankle and knee injuries. “I’m feeling better. Luckily, I came out of this pretty unscathed,” he said. Aladin is scheduled to be released from Isham within the next few days.