A Greener Blue: First Installation of Solar Panels

The construction of the first solar panels on campus is currently in the planning and is set to begin mid-Winter Term. The panels are to be installed on the garage of Head of School John Palfrey’s house. The new system will contain a total of 18 solar panels. “There’s long been an aspiration at Andover to put in more renewable energy, and it’s just hard work to do it and to do it right, particularly on a historic campus, but the time has come just to do it,” said Palfrey. Palfrey said solar panels might move beyond Phelps House in the future. “Another place we’re looking [to] put solar panels [is] on top of the hockey rinks. We did a lot of work this summer to reinforce the roof before we do that,” he said. “I think the bottom line for all this is we’re working with all we’ve got trying to put principles forward, but also recognizing the limitations of being in the Northeast and the kind of physical plant that we have and the historic nature of the campus and so forth,” Palfrey added.