Athletic Department: Sorota Track to be Resurfaced in the Spring

Because of cracks and overall deterioration, the Sorota Track, located adjacent to Phelps Stadium, will be resurfaced next spring for the first time since 1995.

While the cracks in the track do not currently pose a safety hazard, the Athletic Department decided to renovate the facility in order to prevent further degradation and avoid future safety concerns, according to Casey Russo, Capital Project Manager of the Office of the Physical Plant.

The resurfacing process will involve removing the existing synthetic blue rubber surface and asphalt, draining and soiling underneath the track and backfilling it with a suitable compact material, new asphalt and drainage, said Russo.

“A new base and surface for the outdoor track [will be] a big boost to our program and the school,” said Corbin Lang, Co-Head Coach of Varsity Track and Field.

The resurfacing of the track will begin in May, most likely the Monday after the Spring Andover-Exeter Day, when all sports practices and games will have ended for the school year, said Leon Modeste, Instructor and Chair in Physical Education and Athletic Director.