This week, _The Phillipian_ explores Andover’s resources designed specifically to provide mentorship to students. Tune in next week for [an exploration of religious affinity groups.](

**[Outliers Book Club](**

Outliers Book Club, an affinity group for Andover students on full financial aid, gets its name from the book “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell, which members of the club receive upon joining. Outliers seeks to educate students about socioeconomic class and provide emotional support to those on financial aid.  [read more…](

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**[AMP Mentoring](**

African-Latino-American Mentoring Program (AMP) aims to provide support to underrepresented students of color during their Junior year at Andover.  [read more…](

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**[MOSAIC Mentoring](**

MOSAIC, an affinity group on campus dedicated to students whose dual or mixed ethnicity is central to their identities, piloted the MOSAIC Mentoring Program this year to create a support system for new students of mixed heritage.  [read more…](

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**[Post-Graduate Support Program](**

The new Post-Graduate Support Program, conceived last spring through an Abbot Association Grant written by Lisa Joel, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, aims to help Post-Graduate students transition into life at Andover.  [read more…](

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**[New Upper Support Program](**

Arriving at Andover last year as new Uppers, Keton Kakkar ’15 and Paulina Munn ’15 faced a new environment filled with challenges they did not encounter at their previous schools. Acknowledging the difficulties that new Uppers experience, Kakkar and Munn created a support group to help them acclimate to life at Andover.  [read more…](

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**[The Sisterhood](**

Created early last Spring, the Sisterhood is a campus group that offers underrepresented women of color mentorship, along with the opportunity to discuss and explore their experiences at Andover.  [read more…](

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**[GLP Mentoring Program](**

Through regular coffee, lunch and dinner dates, the mentors and mentees of the Girls Leadership Project (GLP) can be seen engaging in friendly, encouraging discussions ranging from daily life at Andover to self-awareness issues of women.  [read more…](

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**[The Brotherhood](**

The Brotherhood is a group on campus that supports underrepresented male students of color, including African-Americans and Hispanics, on campus. The group meets several times a term. During the meetings, the student mentors discuss topics including personal identity and student-faculty relationships.  [read more…](