Faculty Votes To Change Requirements To Take Four Courses

On September 22, the faculty voted and approved a policy change requiring Seniors to indicate on their college applications their intention to take four courses in the Spring Term. Previously, Seniors had to meet two criteria to approve a four-course load: A student would need approval from both their advisor and their college counselor to take four courses and at least three of the four courses must be deemed “advanced.” With the new policy, Seniors are now obligated to clearly inform colleges that they plan on taking only four classes during the Spring Term, in addition to fulfilling the old criteria. According to Sean Logan, Director of College Counseling, the new rule was added in response to a trend of students taking a less demanding course load after being admitted to college. “We were starting to get some pushback from schools [who were] saying, ‘A lot of your kids are saying they’re going to do this and then they’re changing,’” he said. An advanced course is typically a 500- or 600-level course, although some 400- and 900-level courses are also designated as advanced. The change to the four-course load policy will go into effect this academic year.