Square One

The impromptu approval of new room visit policies by the faculty last spring cast the student body into a furor. Rules were made, petitions were written, articles were published. Yet, the faculty and students are both back where they started: the faculty ready to cast their vote, and the students poised to respond. We are back to square one.

Although the rule changes opened up a wide range of important questions regarding sexual activity on campus for discussion, the resulting student and faculty reaction only entrenched two opposing camps. Some faculty compared Andover to a “brothel,” while students threw condoms at passers-by outside of Paresky Commons as part of a Senior Prank.

Is it necessary that both parties have become so polarized, especially considering that faculty and students alike want to achieve a safe campus environment?

The change in parietal rules has been attached to Andover’s overall philosophy on sex, sexual assault and sex education, inclusivity on campus, and the rights and freedom of faculty and students. Given the nature of a boarding school, any decision made will deeply impact the everyday lives of students and teachers, and it is no easy decision for the faculty.

We surely want to live in a community of compromises, not absolutes. While at _The Phillipian_ we believe that upperclassmen should have the freedom to turn off the lights in their rooms, it may not be a bad idea to have a shoe in the door. Maybe it is a better idea to remove parietal time during the week when they are not used, relieving faculty members of the duty then, and adding another hour to parietals on the weekend.

We do not know the solution, but we have faith in the faculty and students to find a balance. Although it is beneficial to bring differing perspectives to a discussion, it can be counterproductive when the opposing sides become unwilling to
lend an ear to the other.

Whichever way the faculty decides to weigh their vote, let’s not go back to square one again.

_This editorial represents the views of_ The Phillipian _Editorial Board CXXXVII._