Andover Board of Trustees Welcomes Picott ’88, Hetzler ’72 and Rogers AA ’70

Andover welcomed three alumni as new members of the Board of Trustees on July 1.

Peter Hetzler ’72 and Allison Picott ’88 will each serve four-year terms as Alumni Trustees. Tamara Rogers AA ’70 will serve a six-year term as a Charter Trustee.

**Allison Picott ’88**

Allison Picott ’88 became the first African-American alumna to serve on the Andover Board of Trustees when she joined this year.

Since becoming a Trustee in July, Picott has worked with the Office of Academy Resources as a member of the Academy Resources Committee to set fundraising goals and to develop strategies for outreach and engagement of alumni and parents.

“Inside the Board Room, I plan to be a voice for all alumni, but particularly those who have not felt they’ve had a seat at the table. Outside the Board Room, I hope to impress upon all alumni the importance of committing both their time and treasure to Andover and staying connected to the school,” said Picott.

“I hope to inspire alumni, but in particular alumni of color, to seek out volunteer roles with organizations or causes that are important to them. It is through these opportunities to get involved and give back that people can attain leadership positions,” she continued.

After graduating from Trinity College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with a J.D., Picott worked for six years as a law clerk for the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court. She then worked as a litigation associate for Nixon Peabody L.L.P. and Prince Lobel Tye L.L.P.

She currently serves as Director of the Abbot Academy Association. In addition, she is a fundraiser for the Walnut Hill School and Boston College Law School and a consultant for The Wayland Group. Picott is also the principal of and founder of Advancement Associates, a consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations in leadership, fundraising and planning.

Picott has been an active member of the Andover community as an alumni volunteer over the past 20 years in positions such as class secretary, class agent and Co-President of the Andover Abbot Association.

Picott lives in Concord, Mass., with her husband Michael, her three step-children, Chloe, Noah and Sophie, and her dog, Piper.

**Peter Hetzler ’72**

Dr. Peter Hetzler ’72, who served on the Andover Board of Trustees for seven years beginning in 2002 and has more than 30 years of experience as a practicing surgeon, hopes this experience will aid work and operations in the Rebecca Sykes Wellness Center.

Hetzler will serve as a representative for the Alumni Council and the alumni body on the board.

Though Hetzler is considered a “new trustee,” he has been actively involved in the Andover community, serving on the Alumni Council from 2002 to 2009. From 2006 to 2009, Hetzler served as the President of the Alumni Council. He stepped down from the Board of Trustees at the completion of his term to make room for other Trustees, according to Nancy Jeton, Special Assistant to the Head of School.

In addition to his work with the Alumni Council, Hetzler has also served as a volunteer in the Alumni Council Mentoring Program and as an Alumni Admission Representative.

Besides his academic pedigree and extensive experience as a practicing surgeon and physician, Hetzler has served as a board member on numerous associations, including his tenure as President of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons and as a trustee at Rumson Country Day School in Rumson, N.J.

For Hetzler, serving as a trustee affords him the opportunity to give back to the Andover community, which has had a large impact on his family.

“[I want] to serve the Andover community as thanks for the formative and life-changing experiences the school gave to my father (Class of 45), my son (Class of 2010) and me,” wrote Hetzler in an email to The Phillipian.

Hetzler currently resides in Rumson, N.J., with his spouse, Christine Hetzler.

**Tamara Rogers AA ’70**

Tamara Elliott Rogers AA ’70 joined the Board of Trustees as the newest Charter Trustee.

“It is a privilege to be able to serve [Andover]. Abbot was extremely important to me and Andover became so after the schools merged. And it is an irresistible opportunity to work with John Palfrey, whom I admire enormously,” said Rogers.

Rogers was a two-year day student at Abbot Academy, where she appreciated the rigorous educational system of the institution and the many opportunities that it provided her.

“I loved Abbot. My earlier school experience was in the public school system of Lowell, [Mass.], where I had some wonderfully dedicated teachers. But Abbot had small classes and a lot of personal attention,” said Rogers.

Since graduating from Abbot in 1970, Rogers’s dedication to both Abbot and Andover has only grown over the years. The merger of Abbot and Phillips Academies in 1973 has strengthened her enthusiasm for her high school alma mater. She became a volunteer after the merger, when Andover reached out to her.

“As a volunteer, I worked closely with [former Head of School] Barbara Chase and also with faculty leadership around the Abbot Academy Association and the [Institute for Recruitment of Teachers]. It was a great experience,” said Rogers.

Rogers served as a board member and the President of the Abbot Academy Association and also as President of the Alumni Council, at which she also served as an Alumni Trustee.

Rogers began her career in admissions at Harvard College, serving as Director for International Admissions. She now serves as the Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development at Harvard University, as well as as a volunteer on the Board of the Harvard Club of New York.