Welcome Teaching Fellows 2014-2015

Stephen Kim

_Teaching Fellow in English_

**What drew you to Andover?**

I felt I could have more meaningful interactions with students here, especially outside of the classroom.

**Why do you want to teach English?**

My favorite authors and my favorite English teachers taught me to cherish language. From them, I learned how to revel in words’ possibilities and how to acknowledge their power. Teaching English is my way of paying it forward.

**Where did you go to college and what was your major?**

Yale 2012, B.A. in English & Philosophy.

* * *

George Heinrichs

_Teaching Fellow in History_

**What is your favorite thing about teaching history?**

My favorite thing about teaching history is seeing the stories and the people come to life — to watch a thousand-year gap between a student and a figure in history close because of knowledge and empathy.

**Why Andover?**

There are so many reasons that Andover is an amazing place to work… When I came for a couple days this past June, I got to hold a spear used to hunt woolly mammoths, see a Shakespeare folio, hold a 15th-Century map (in my bare hands), walk around a world class art collection, walk around a bird sanctuary, jump up and down next to a seismograph and eat scallops. I had a blast.

* * *

Howard Kalter

_Teaching Fellow in Math_

**What is your favorite mathematical equation or formula?**

My favorite to teach is the Quadratic Equation because I get to sing a song.

**Why did you decide to teach math?**

My undergraduate degree is in mathematics. I like trying to make math fun for students because sometimes it has a stigma of being a dry subject. My goal is to make it something that students don’t dread.

**What drew you to Andover?**

I graduated from Andover in 2007, but feel like I never really left. The Teaching Fellow program seemed a perfect fit for a young teacher who bleeds blue.

* * *

Laura Lowry

_Teaching Fellow in History_

**What made you decide to become a history teacher?**

In the fourth grade, I got really interested in the Ancient Egyptians, and for a project I came to class dressed as a pharaoh complete with a golden staff. I’ve also been fortunate to have had some pretty outstanding teachers who cultivated my passions inside the classroom.

**What is your favorite time period in history? Why?**

My favorite time period would be the French Revolution because I’m French, but more because of its impact on the political development of other nations and the fact that it marks the arrival of nationalism to the scene, which happens to be a passion of mine.

* * *

Genevieve Barrons

_Teaching Fellow in English_

**What are you looking forward this year?**

The New England fall! And seeing snow for the first time in seven years.

**What is your favorite word?**


**What is your favorite book/story? Why?**

I usually go with “Pride and Prejudice,” which is a bit cliché, but I really do believe it is the most perfect novel written in the English language. There is not a single plot line or sentence out of place in the entire thing. And each time I read it I’m reminded of what a hilariously funny writer [Jane] Austen is. But ask me on another day and I might give you another answer.

* * *

Julianne McDonough

_Teaching Fellow in Chemistry_

**What drew you to Andover?**

Andover is a community that fosters intellectual, artistic and athletic development for all its students and faculty.

**Why chemistry?**

Science fosters discovery by engaging student’s curiosity and providing tools to understand everyday life. My passion has grown more specifically towards chemistry because chemistry is our world; it is all around us and within us.

**What is your favorite chemical element? Why?**

Carbon! Carbon is essential to all living organisms; it is the building block of life. Carbon is found in our food, our clothes and the gasoline that fuels our cars. Carbon also exists in a number of pure forms including graphite and diamonds!

* * *

Amanda Washington

_Teaching Fellow in Spanish_

**Why Andover?**

When I came to campus for my interview, I was very impressed with the diversity of activities on campus and the mature conversations that students and faculty were engaging in. I knew immediately it was a place where I could learn as much as I taught, and I just had to get involved with the meaningful interactions that occur each day on this campus.

**What is your favorite Spanish word? What does it mean?**

My favorite word is “aguacate,” which means “avocado.” It’s fun to say and just rolls off the tongue. Plus it’s helpful when ordering guacamole in Spanish because it’s a key component of the dish!

* * *

Amy Shoemaker

_Teaching Fellow in Mathematics_

**Why Andover?**

I have a wide variety of passions, and working at a boarding school is an incredible way to pursue those disparate interests in the classroom, pool and dorm. In even just my first week, I’ve met so many amazing students, faculty and staff members with whom I’ve connected about math, athletics, philosophy, tea and so much more.

**Why math?**

Math urges us to contemplate both the concrete and the abstract in order to discover relationships and create new theories. Math is a place where I can feel simultaneously humbled and powerful amidst its complexities and elegance. To me, math is philosophical; it provides new ways of looking at the world and testing its limits. And with so much of math lying in that liminal space of trans-physical, universal truth, there’s always more to explore.

* * *

Annabelle Hicks

_Teaching Fellow in French_

**What made you want to teach French?**

After teaching enrichment classes in France and working at an historical museum, I realized that I love interacting with people. Teaching just seemed like the right thing to do.

**What’s your favorite French word?**

My favorite French word is “magnifique” because I think that so many aspects of life are magnificent.

**What are you looking forward to this year?**

I am looking forward to getting to know an amazing group of students.

**What are your roles on campus this year?**

I am a teaching fellow in the French department. In addition to singing in the chorus, I plan to participate in the Breadloaf community service program. I will also be coaching indoor and outdoor track and field.

* * *

Yue Cao

_Teaching Fellow in Mathematics_

**What made you want to teach math?**

I trace my interest in teaching math in a boarding school to my enthusiasm in the subject and the inspiring teachers I had while attending boarding schools. I am also amazed to find that math is not only the universal language of science, but it is also a language of aesthetics that appears in our daily life beyond textbooks.

**Why Andover?**

I was drawn to Andover for its supportive Teaching Fellow program. I also enjoyed talking to people in the Math Department and liked their sense of humor on the day of interview.

**What is your favorite number?**

20. It happened to be the number of my lockers in both middle school and high school. What a coincidence!

* * *

Caitlin Monroe

_Teaching Fellow in History_

**What drew to teaching at Andover?**

The high academic standards and strong sense of community really appealed to me. I was also excited to have the opportunity to work at another boarding school. Having attended one myself, I appreciate how meaningful the experience can be, and I value the deep relationships that are formed between teachers and students.

**What is your favorite time period in history to teach? Why?**

I love teaching the ancient world, particularly the foundational civilizations. I think it is fascinating to look at how the institutions and ideas that we take for granted were started and developed.

* * *

Marian Homans-Turnbull

_Teaching Fellow in English_

**What is your favorite story/book?**

Right now I’d say Ursula Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness” and Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” are two of my favorites.

**What drew you to Andover?**

The Teaching Fellow program is a great opportunity for new teachers, and I’d heard glowing reports of the faculty and students here.

**What’s your favorite thing about teaching English?**

Students are already showing me new ways to read familiar texts and new ways to apply the lenses of English class to texts (broadly construed) from other areas of life.

* * *

Spencer Diamond

_Teaching Fellow in Physics_

**What’s your favorite physics law?**

I really like Maxwell’s equations because they allow you to solve practical problems while also hinting at the grander themes like symmetry and asymmetry of nature.

**Who’s your favorite physicist?**

Paul Dirac, because he made so many contributions to physics by thinking in ways that were beyond the comprehension of even his brilliant contemporaries like Pauli, Schrodinger and Heisenberg. And they all thought he was the strangest man they’d ever met.

* * *

Daniel Cadarette

_Teaching Fellow in English_

**What made you want to be an English teacher?**

I think I knew I wanted to be a teacher well before I decided I wanted to teach English specifically. I have always felt most at home in academic circles and decided early on that I wanted to share my love for learning and intellectual discourse.

**What did you do this summer?**

I spent the first half of the summer teaching a section of Expository Writing out at Andover’s ACE program in Carbondale, CO. It was a great introduction to the Andover community in a beautiful setting.