Team Defends Witherspoon and Lovell Cups

Andover Golf finished its season with a 10-1-1 record, as the team successfully defended the Witherspoon and Lovell Cups over rivals Phillips Exeter Academy and Governor’s with a combined score of a 989-1016-1089. Andover also defeated Exeter 7-0 at Hillview earlier in the season.

“The most memorable match was sweeping Exeter at home at the beginning of the season,” said Rob Devaney ’14. “We always like to beat a rival that badly.”

Andover’s depth was visible throughout the season, with the team playing 12 different golfers in Varsity matches. The overall individual record stood at 42-18-4, while the team record was 13-5-5. The team was led by Head Coach Brian Faulk ’00 and Assistant Coach Chris Odden.

“My favorite memory was our last match of the season […] against Governor’s and Exeter,” said Alexa Tsay ’17. “By that time, we were truly united, as we had been through thick and thin with each other, and looking around at one another, we knew that our win represented our strength as a team. It was a memorable way to end season, and it is safe to say that our graduating team members will be missed.”

Andover will graduate Seniors Captain Kavan Canekeratne ’14, Rob Devaney ’14 and Luke Stidham ’14. Their combined record on the season stood at 9-8-1.

“I didn’t know what to expect this season because we had a lot of new golfers,” said Canekeratne. “I’m really happy with the way the team played though, [and] in terms of wins and losses it was the best season I’ve been part of.”

Alexa Tsay won the Mangan Award, awarded to the best player in the Exeter/Governor’s match. Alexa Tsay’s brother, Tyler Tsay ’15, was named the top Andover golfer with the Kazacus Award. Tyler Tsay was also voted as next year’s captain.

“Next season is obviously going to be tough, given that we are losing [the Seniors], who are hard to replace,” said Tyler Tsay. “However, we grew immensely this season, and I have no doubts that the rising (players) will step up, namely Peter [Hahn ’16], Orlando [Figus ’16], David [Todd ’16] and Billy [Casagrande ’15]. They have worked hard this season, and I think we’ll be just as strong as this year when we return.”