DIII High School National Champions

Putting a 7-8-0 record behind it, dealing with a ladder plagued by injuries and compensating for a lack of returning players, Andover Boys Squash claimed the Division III National Squash Championship title.

“The highlight of not only this season, but of my squash career was the team pulling together at nationals and managing to overcome the odds and win. I’ll definitely miss playing squash with the team next year,” said Jake Rauh ’14.

The team credits this season’s success to the team’s mentality and chemistry. Although the team had no shortage of skill, unparalleled dedication gave it the extra edge to improve upon last season’s record.

Coach Hodgson said, “Different people had to come through in different ways during the season and I think the Seniors did a great job of taking advantage of the opportunities to show leadership and to provide the team with the kind of examples and support we needed.”

“At practice, coach had us run twice as many reps as we usually do and at first we collectively thought, “this is absurd” and “I’m not going to be able to do this”. However, every single individual was miraculously able to finish the workout. It was a special moment because of the determination and effort that was exhibited and I knew from this moment that we had the potential to do big things,” said Co-Captain Jack Wain ’14.

Coming in as a Post-Graduate, Wain had a huge influence on the team’s success and played a big part in motivating the team to push themselves to the absolute limit.

“Jack would get us in the right mindset before matches and he pushed all of us at the right times, especially when we needed to perform. He was the optimist of the team and was always cheering everybody on,” said newcomer Jack Quamme ’16.

Seniors Rauh, Wain, Cole Benedict, Kun Woo Kim, Armaan Singh and Remington Remmel kept the team unified and motivated.

“Rem was the teammate to go to after you lost a tough match as he was considered the counselors of the team. He was super consistent and kept everyone I good spirits. He played a very important role in the mental dynamic of the team. Jake lead the team very similarly and kept us very focused,” said Co-Captain Michael Huang ’15.

Justin Curtis ’15 had an exceptional performance at Nationals, winning four consecutive matches after coming back from a season-long injury. Both Captains also won important matches in the championship match to claim the title.

“This was a fun season because of team unity was very good made the season more fun, and I hope to replicate this unity next season. Although we are losing a few Seniors I will work to rebuild this unity,” added Huang.