Coach Hurley’s First Year Brings Improvement

Andover Girl’s Crew made impressive strides this season as the team continued its steady improvement despite the coaching turnover and injuries to both captains, Colby Fagan ’14 and Victoria Everett ’14. Two years ago, the team placed 11th at NEIRA’s, and last season the team placed 9th. This year, the team placed 4th, and both G1 and G2 placed 5th, while G3 boat placed 3rd.

“This race was not a good representation of the vast improvements we have made. We’ve had many wins and we have improved so much as a boat and a team. We had fun, and we worked really hard. Regardless of the results at NEIRA’s, we had a successful season,” said Vienna Kuhn ’16.

The top two boats placed 2nd in each respective preliminary race as a strategic maneuver to conserve energy for the grand final. Boat one finished 0.9 seconds behind St. Paul’s in the preliminary even though Andover had defeated St. Paul’s by a wide margin in the regular season.

Although G1 fought hard in the grand final, it finished behind crews of Exeter, Kent, St. Paul’s, and Hingham.

“It was not just winning races that made this season good, my boat became very close as friends which made our time in the boat even better. Although the season came to a disappointing end at NEIRAs, I can’t help but feel proud of all the progress we made not only as a singular boat, but also as an entire program,” said Lane Unsworth ’15.

“Colby and Victoria definitely held the team together, and they were both recovered so that they could row at NEIRAs. Their recoveries helped keep us focused and motivated. In addition to our captains, we also had four seniors on our boat who were also inspiring leaders of whom the entire boat looked up to,” said Kuhn.

Compared to results from NEIRA’s and regular season wins from the last few years, this year will serve as the benchmark for the coming seasons. With another year under first-year Girls Crew Coach Dale Hurley and hopefully better luck with injuries, the team figures to build off of this strong showing and ramp up the program in the next few years.

“A big part of our team was the two team captains (Colby Fagan and Vic Everett) and all the rest of the seniors. The senior leadership and non-sibi attitude has made this a really special team to coach – I am excited and honored to be their coach,” said Hurley.