Students Recognized At Andover’s Annual Prize Ceremonies

After the administration decided this April to conduct the annual Prize Ceremony in a more private venue instead of during All-School Meeting (ASM), this year’s prizes were presented at a Prize Night on Tuesday in the Mural Room and at an athletic award event on Thursday. Kai Kornegay ’14 was awarded the Schweppe Prize in recognition of an unusual spirit of cooperation and friendliness. Rob Rush ’14 received the Abbot Stevens Prize, a prize for a member of the Senior Class, who, by virtue of character and leadership, has made a significant contribution to the Academy and to other members of the class. Lauren Montieth ’14 received the Achievement Prize for her great personal and academic achievement, and Jennifer Powers ’14 won the Isabel Hancock Award for her demonstration of understanding, sensitivity and response to the needs of others and concern for the welfare of all. The Ayars Prize, an award for a member of the Senior Class who, through work, perseverance and seeking after excellence, has established a position of respect and admiration in the school community, was given to Auguste Horner ’14. Alex Tamkin ’14 received the Fuller Prize as a member of the Senior Class who, having been at Andover not less than two years, has best exemplified and upheld in his or her life and work at Andover the ideals and traditions of the school. Meera Tawil ’14 won the Kingsbury Prize for her distinguished perseverance and resolution. Thea Rossman ’15 and Devontae Freeland ’15 won the Andover Club Book Prize and the Stiles Prize, respectively. Caroline Shipley ’16 was awarded the Keyes Prize and Rose Poku ’17 won the Wells Prize, both for their outstanding characters. Alec D’Alelio ’14, Hilary Gillis ’15 and Noah Halloran ’16 won the Sullivan Prizes for the greatest improvement in scholarship during the previous school year. The Henry S. Van Duzer Prize was presented to Farris Peale ’14 for high scholarship. This award is given annually to a Senior who will be attending Harvard. Similarly, Hannah Guzzi ’14 received the Frank Dale Warren Prize, given to a member of the Senior Class preparing to enter Amherst, who shows exemplary character and scholarship. At Tuesday’s ceremony, Linda Griffith, Jenny Elliott, Rev. Anne Gardner, Kate Dolan, Emma Staffaroni, Frank Tipton, Susanne Torabi, Chris Jones, Paul Murphy, Lisa Joel, Christopher Shaw, Pat Davison, Elizabeth Tully and Matt Hession presented awards. On Thursday night, athletic awards were presented to deserving Seniors. The Abbot Athletic Award went to Amy Zhao ’14. Katie Kreider ’14 received the Schubert Key Award. Hannah Guzzi ’14 and Ian Maag ’14 are this year’s recipients of the Press Club Award, given to a boy and a girl who have shown through their performances on the athletic field that they have been the most capable athletes of the past year. Hirsh Chitkara ’14 was awarded the Harold J. Sheridan Prize to the student who has contributed most to the intramural athletic program. The Raymond T. Tippett Memorial Award, presented annually to a Senior member of the football or baseball team, was presented to Ryder Stone ’14. Jake Howell ’14 and Amy Morin ’14 received the Richard J. Phelps Award for sportsmanship, loyalty, humility and commitment to the success of others.