Andover Girls Crew Sweeps Hingham and Shrewsbury

Andover Girls Crew swept both Hingham and Shrewsbury in its final home race of the season last Saturday.

Andover G1 finished five seconds ahead of Hingham and 28 seconds ahead of Shrewsbury. The boat, from stroke to bow, featured Bridget Lapage ’14, Vienna Kuhn ’16, Elizabeth Kemp ’15, Lane Unsworth ’15, Julia Marcus ’15, Cara Cavanaugh ’15, Willa Tellekson-Flash ’14 and Rachel Murree ’14 and finished in 5:20, one second better than its best time this season.

Andover’s G2 shared G1’s success, finishing seven seconds before Hingham and 18 seconds before Shrewsbury.

“It was a really good race for team morale building up into NEIRAs and getting into the right mentality. All week we’ve been saying that now is the time to really show what we can do,” said Kemp.

“It was our last home race for Seniors, so it was a really nice way to end the season,” said G2 rower Alec Kingston ’14. Kingston rowed alongside Efua Peterson ’14, Co-Captain Colby Fagan ’14, Charlotte Chazen ’15, Qiqi Ren ’15, Mary Catherine Nanda ’14, Amanda Krakauer ’15 and Liz Irvin ’17.

Andover will spend the week preparing for Interschols (NEIRAs), the most important race of the year.

Andover’s G1 was seeded ninth among 18 boats last year at NEIRAs and finished in sixth place. With G2 included, Andover placed ninth overall at Interschols.

This year, G1 and G2 are both seeded third out of 18 boats in their respective races.

Phillips Exeter Academy and Kent are the boats seeded ahead of Andover. G3, which will also compete at NEIRAs, is seeded second out of 18 boats.

“Our goal is to do as best as we can across the board with each individual boat, but our ultimate goal is to win the team trophy and to show the depth of our program,” said Kingston.