This Week in TV & Film: Dragons, Nudity and Death

So, you have all been watching “Game of Thrones,” right? No? Well, if you have not been, drop everything you are doing – even you, Uppers, and especially you, Seniors – and catch up on the most action-filled, talked-about, ‘oh-my-god’-inducing TV show around. With spine-tingling dialogue, a multitude of characters that you’ll fall in love with just before you begin to hate them again and…c’mon, dragons!

But seriously, it is at the point where “Thrones” does not even need an introduction – critical acclaim and ridiculous viewership have embedded “Dragon-Girl and Friends” into popular culture and the hearts of Dungeons and Dragons players and presidents alike. It is great stuff in almost every department. Almost.

Where are the qualms? Mistreatment of women and almost absurd amounts of nudity aside, a little place called The North has started to, well, not be so “Thrones”-y. I’ll explain: Maybe I am wrong, but I expected a little more out of our 700-foot-tall friend “The Wall” and its troupe of white, scruffy-looking men known as the “Night’s Watch.”

What started out as “Thrones’” iconic barrier has deteriorated into something that seems to bar viewers from seeing more of the Lannisters and Daenerys Targaryen (the Dragon-Lady).

Our favorite rugged, white man, Jon Snow – played with an exciting ruggedness by Kit Harrington – really has not done much over the course of the past two seasons. Essentially, it is at a point where the most significant story arc of the series (if the dreaded White Walkers make it past The Wall, then it’s “Bye-Bye Birdie” for all our favorites) has become the dullest.

Whether it is Jon Snow wandering around the wilderness with the Wildlings, or Sam and Gilly’s 10-minute deliberation over what baby name to choose, The North just hasn’t been that compelling. Sure, Bran’s newfound powers proved that one can simply walk into Hodor, but ultimately it feels like we have not come too far in the last two seasons.

Etched on the faces of our group of troopers is a growing determination to defend the realm and remain firmly embedded as a force in The North. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for us watching the show. Sure, winter is coming, but why go North when there is sunny weather, Peter Dinklage and more awesome weddings to be had in the South?

* * *

**Things ‘N’ Stuffs**






**Jack Bauer returns on Mondays in “24: Live Another Day”!**

This day will be almost as torturous as that day you had to write your 310 paper in one sitting.

**“Orange is the New Black” renewed for season three!**

Just in time for you to binge-watch season two, then not know what to do with yourself!

(If you like OITNB, if check out Jenji Kohan’s first show, “Weeds.”)

**“Gladiator, “Kill Bill Vol. 1” and “Kill Bill Vol. 2” are all now on Netflix!**

This month, the Flix gives you two options: swords and sandals or katanas and kimonos.


**“Glee” ends its season-five run this coming Wednesday**

If a Glee falls…and no one is around to watch it…does it even make a sound?

**“Spring Breakers” Sequel Announced**

James Franco posted a ranting response to the critical acclaim of his performance, only to take it down a few hours later upon realizing he hadn’t even been cast yet.

**“London Has Fallen” – the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” – is set to debut in October, 2015.**

Originally, it was set to be a sequel to “White House Down,” but a last minute switch ensured there would absolutely no confusion as to which movie was which…I think.